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Monday, April 3, 2017

Here Are 4 Security Tips For Airport Fliers: From Parking To Prohibited Items

Jumping through hoops to secure seating before your flight is just a fact of life at airports nationwide. Be it securing safe vehicle parking at the Oakland airport or catching a cab out of the terminal, those who do their research in advance are bound to have a less stressful experience before taking off from the tarmac.

We’ve compiled tips from industry experts and federal agencies so that you’re flight – and the legwork that must come before it – goes as smoothly as possible.

#1 The no-go list: The very first step you can take – and easiest, if you ask us – is leaving items banned from airports at home. From the relatively obvious ban on flying with unchecked firearms or the blanket ban on fireworks to the more innocuous limits on alcohol over 140 proof, the Transportation Security Administration’s website offers plenty of advice for travelers to familiarize themselves with.

#2 Holiday cheer: There’s no busier times for airports everywhere than the holidays. That being said, there are a few workarounds for the stress, boredom and other inevitable unmentionables when it comes to making the best out of these hectic situations. Be prepared for the possible early unwrapping of gifts by Transportation Security Administration agents or restrictions on snowglobes of a certain size.

#3 Parking solutions: Leaving your car or truck behind as you prepare to travel is pretty much a part of any trip out of your area. From valet services to extended parking or on-site terminal options and ride-sharing companies, there are plenty of parking proposals you can pick from.

#4 Keeping keepsakes: According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, it’s advisable to keep valuable or critical items out of your checked baggage. Bring jewelry, passports, medicine or objects of significant personal value as part of your carry-on luggage if possible.

We encourage those looking for parking at the Oakland airport to continue browsing our website for additional tips or call us at 510-633-9917.