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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Expresso Parking Helps Customers Save and Enjoy Their Travels

Wouldn’t you love to travel more without having to spend a boat load of money? Airlines seem to continuously stack on more fees, and saving on airline tickets becomes hard with other daily expenses. Yet, even with all the added costs of flying, there are deals you can take advantage of, and simple things you can do to help you save on flights.

Know When to Fly

Did you know that the price of flights varies greatly depending on when you fly? Depending on the month, day, and time you fly, prices can differ. Generally, weekend flights cost more than weekday flights. Always check the dates and times of flights and compare costs to find a flight that will help you save. Traveling in low season will also help you save since there’s less demand for flight tickets. Travel off-season and avoid flying during holidays, and you’re more likely to find a better bargain.

Search Online for Deals on Airline Tickets 

There are hundreds of websites to use to search for airfare. Don’t purchase tickets on the first website you visit. Browse varies website to see who will offer you the best deal. Some websites may charge you a service fee, but they may make booking your flight easier by combining flights from different airlines. Also, consider signing up for airfare price alerts so you are notified when prices drop.

Park at the Airport

Many decide to park at the airport since you can come and go on your time and save money by not having to pay for a taxi. You can also take advantage of airport parking specials. At Expresso Parking we love making flying easier and less expensive. To show our appreciation for our customers, you can take advantage of our weekly parking specials and save by using park and fly coupons. You can conveniently book parking reservations online, in which you can choose indoor self-parking, outdoor parking, or valet service.

Travel Light

Airlines charge a fee for checked bags and bags that are usually over 50 pounds. To avoid these fees, pack only what you need and ensure all items fit comfortably in your suitcase. Consider what items you can buy once you get to your destination so you don’t have to pack them. Weigh your suitcase before you get to the airport to make sure it’s not over the limit.

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