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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

5 Things That Always Happen When Travelers Rush To The Airport

Back in the day, before travelers could check in online, it was recommended to arrive at the airport three hours before your scheduled flight. That left time for you to park your car, wait in line to check in, check in your bags, make it through security, and grab a bite to eat before boarding the plane. While online check-in speeds up the process, travelers should still arrive fairly earlier than their flight to leave enough time for checking in their bags and going through security checks. Many people don’t want to leave too early because they don’t want to be standing around the airport for hours waiting for their flight. But, arriving early is far better than arriving late. When you don’t leave early enough, you find yourself rushing to the airport, which can put a damper on your travels and result in you forgetting important documents, struggling to find parking, getting stuck in long security line, and worse – missing your flight.

Here are 5 mishaps that happen when travelers are rushing to the airport:

Forget Important Documents – Whether you’re performing last minute errands or pushing your children to get ready for the airport, when you rush you tend to leave important items behind. Some people who rush may leave behind their favorite beach dress or business suit, which could put a damper on the trip. Others may leave behind important documents, like the flight information, passports or licenses, which are all necessary for your travels. If you forget your license or passport, you’ll have to turn around and go home to pick them up, causing even further delay and stress.

Long Security Lines – It’s unpredictable whether the line for the security check will be long or short when you arrive. To best prepare, it’s important to arrive to the airport early in the event that there’s a long line. You may get caught in waiting in line for upwards of an hour or so. Coincidentally, it always works out than when I am running late I get stuck in a long line, which makes me anxious about arriving at my gate in time to catch my flight.

 Stress – No one likes feeling rushed. When you’re rushing, your anxiety and stress levels are increasing. Feeling stressed before your trip even begins can set the stage for your whole travel experience. To ensure you experience happy travels, it’s best to arrive early so you won’t feel rushed.

 Miss the Flight – The worst case scenario when you’re rushing to the airport is missing your flight. Often times at the airport you’ll see people running down the terminal to their gate. Don’t be one of those people. Many people think that when they miss their flight they’ll be on the next flight to their destination. But that is not the case. The next flight may be full, or other people may have priority over you to be on that flight.  You may not get on a flight until the following day, which could cause you to miss a connecting flight, an important business meeting, or a day of your vacation.

Parking – If you’re rushing to the airport, parking can become an issue. In many instances, late travelers find themselves struggling to find an onsite parking spot. Or, they end up waiting a long time for an airport shuttle from an offsite parking lot. To ease your stress during your travels from the Oakland International Airport, use Expresso Airport Parking. Expresso Airport Parking offers the most convenient, safest, and cheapest parking services around. Located just 1.5 miles from the airport, the shuttles run every few minutes to get you to your terminal as quickly as possible. Even if you are rushing, you’ll regain lost time thanks to these quick shuttle services. The valet, self-parking and indoor parking services are available 24/7 and security is provided around the clock to ensure travelers and their vehicles are safe at all times.

How will you improve your travel experience?