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Monday, March 27, 2017

Looking For Cheap Airport Parking? Heed These Tips And Reap The Rewards

The litany of logistical laments when it comes to air travel is large: When to arrive, what documents you should be carrying, possible flight delays and transportation once you disembark at your destination. We don’t think finding cheap airport parking should be one of those concerns on your radar – there’s already enough on your itinerary to worry about.

Leaving your personal vehicle behind as you prepare to fly around the globe is just the cost of doing business when it comes to getting away. That being said, passengers who come prepared with the following information can expect to save some money in the process of hunting for cheap airport parking.

Suiting your needs: How long will your car or truck be parked for? This matters, as costs climb while the proverbial meter ticks. How far are you willing or able to travel to get to the tarmac? If this is at the top of your list, some off-site facilities offer shuttles to get you to and fro. Will you be sitting on the beach a few days from now, but still worrying about if your car is safe? Peace of mind should certainly factor in when it comes to choosing the right option for cheap airport parking.

On-site options: Terminal parking will get you closest to the hustle and bustle of any international airport. Problem is, some industry experts say the cost adds up the longer you leave your car there.

Off-site alternatives: Places to park that aren’t intrinsically tied to the airport you’re flying out of may be a bit further away, but are certainly cheaper.

Shop early, shop often: Some facilities offer weekly specials and coupons that will cut down on the final tab. You’ll have to investigate in advance, but the payoff will put more money in wallet or pocketbook in the coming days.

“Taxi!”: The recent proliferation of ride-sharing services or the traditional yellow taxi cab are two other options in your search for cheap airport parking. While taking this route does forego the need to leave your vehicle behind, it often isn’t the most cost-effective measure.

Those looking for cheap airport parking will be on the right track if they heed some of the above steps. We encourage you to check out options at Expresso Airport Parking by exploring our website or calling 510-633-9917.



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