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Monday, March 30, 2015

8 Reasons Why Expresso Parking is the Best Parking Service at the Oakland Airport

 Are you a frequent traveler who flies out of the Oakland International Airport in Oakland, California? Whether you travel often for business or pleasure, you should consider using Expresso Airport Parking as your long-term airport parking service at the Oakland Airport.

Our airport parking service offers the best rates on outdoor self-parking, indoor self-parking and premium valet parking near the airport. We are located just minutes away from the airport, and our reliable and convenient shuttle service will take you to your terminal in no time. Let Expresso Airport Parking set the stage for a pleasurable and stress-free travel experience.

Consider these top reasons why you should choose Expresso Airport Parking:

#1: Great Prices

Our Oakland Airport parking service provides the cheapest rates. And, on top of our already low rates, you can save even more. We provide coupons on all of our long-term parking services. With our coupons, you'll pay just $8 per day for outdoor self-parking, $10 for indoor self-parking and $12 for premium valet parking.

#2: Quick Transportation 

Our shuttle service runs every few minutes to ensure you will arrive at your terminal as soon as possible. Our shuttle service will get you to and from the terminal in just 8 minutes. Plus, our shuttles are "green" and run on natural gas as part of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the environment.

#3: Corporate Discounts 

If your company frequently travels from the Oakland Airport, then you should register your company in our Corporate Discount Program. Through our corporate discount program, all of your employees will receive great discounts on our premium valet parking services. After you register your company in our program, your employees can make their guaranteed parking reservations and then log into the company account to receive their discount coupon. It's that simple!

#4: Big Shot Rewards

The Big Shot Rewards program is designed to help frequent flyers save even more on parking. By registering in our Big Shot Rewards Program, you can earn points every time you park at Expresso. These points can be redeemed for free parking and car cleaning services. You earn 1 point for every day you park. With 7 points you earn 1 free day of parking, while 21 points equal a free car wash and 70 points equal a free car detailing. Click here to register for the Big Shot Rewards Program.

#5: Free Stuff 

At Expresso, we strive to make your travel experience as pleasurable and comfortable as possible. That's why we offer complementary snacks, coffee and WiFi. Whether you need to refuel or send a quick email, we've got you covered.

#6: Car Spa

Give your car the ultimate spa treatment with our green car washing and detailing services. Our Green Clean carwash service collects, filters and reuses water to make your car sparkle and shine while conserving resources and protecting the environment. Our car spa services include interior and exterior cleanings, tire dressing, wash and wax, and detailing.

#7: Exceptional Customer Service

Expresso Parking provides its customers with the highest level of customer service. When you park at Expresso, you will be helped by our friendly employees who are dedicated to ensuring you have the most enjoyable experience with our parking service. We are always open, so we can assist you with anything you need at any time.

#8: 24/7 Surveillance

When you use Expresso Parking, you can trust knowing you and your vehicle are safe at all times. We provide around the clock surveillance, so that travelers can feel safe using our parking service at night.

As you can see, Expresso Parking is the best Oakland Airport parking service. The next time you travel from the Oakland Airport, be sure to utilize our great services and amenities. Visit us online to book your guaranteed parking reservation and to sign up for our wonderful rewards and discount programs today!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

7 Steps to a Pleasurable Airport Experience

If you travel frequently, then you've probably had your fair share of bad airport experiences. From crowded airports and long security lines to expensive airport food and delayed flights, there are a lot of things that can tick you off at the airport. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, your airport experience should be calm and relaxed. To ensure your next airport experience is a pleasurable one, follow these tips.

1.      Check-in online – By checking in online you save yourself time, especially if you're not checking a bag. Most airlines allow you to check-in on their website 24 hours before your flight. In most cases, all you need to check-in is your flight reservation number and your name. The whole process should take under 5 minutes and beats waiting in a long check-in line at the airport. Even if you are checking a bag, you can get cheaper rates when you check-in online and you don’t have to wait while the check-in agent prints your ticket. You can simply show your boarding pass, place your bag on the scale and be on your way.

2.      Book your seat before the flight – While some airlines charge extra for picking your own seat, it's recommended if you don’t want to be sandwiched between two strangers on the plane. With an aisle seat, you have more leg room and the freedom to walk to the bathroom without having to disrupt other passengers.  

3.      Choose the right airport parking service – Offsite airport parking services usually offer cheaper rates than airport parking. But, when choosing an airport parking service, be sure you are choosing one that's reliable and reputable. At Expresso Parking, we offer the cheapest valet parking, self-service parking, and indoor airport parking services at the Oakland Airport, as well as complimentary snacks and WiFi and a convenient shuttle service that will get you to your terminal in minutes.

4.      Allow enough time at the airport – No matter what time or day you're traveling, you risk getting caught in long check-in and security lines. To ensure you make it through security with enough time to grab a bite to eat and arrive at your gate, arrive at the airport early. For domestic flights, you should arrive 2 hours before your flight, whereas international travelers should arrive 3 hours prior. Be sure to check your airline's website before you leave to make sure your flight is expected to depart on time.

5.      Dress comfortably – Unless you're headed to a business meeting immediately when you land, it's best to dress comfortably. You're going to have to take off your shoes at security, so wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. Also, wear clothing that's comfortable because you're going to be sitting on your flight for several hours. Wear light clothing and bring along a sweatshirt because you never know if the airport and plane will be too hot or cold.

6.      Fully charge your digital devices – Whether you want to use your iPad during the flight or need to make calls once you land, make sure all your digital devices are fully charged before you leave the house. If for some reason you don’t have time to charge your devices, pack the chargers in your carry-on bag. But, it's best to charge them before you leave because you may not be able to find an open outlet at the airport.

7.      Bring snacks – If you don’t want to spend money on food at the airport or on your flight, bring along your own snacks. Even if you're not hungry when you leave, you could get hungry on the plane. Bring packaged snacks like granola bars, pretzels and crackers that won’t get thrown away at security. If you forget snacks though, don't worry; we have you covered with our Snack Bar featuring free Peet's Coffee & Tea and muffins!

What are your best tips for having a pleasurable airport experience?

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