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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Know Before You Go: Packing For Airline Travel Should Be Straightforward With These Tips

You’ve got a trip coming up in a few days and haven’t begun packing. Chalk it up to procrastination, ignorance or simply being busy but you’re going to have to get around to it sooner rather than later. While rules and regulations surrounding luggage vary between airlines, it’s still important to place major attention on the packing process. The airport can be an expensive place and cutting down on costs by avoid excess checked bags is one way to fly on a budget. If you’re looking for Oakland airport long term parking, planning ahead is once again key so that you’ll find the most convenient and safe place to leave your motor vehicle during your stay. Below, we’re offering up some luggage considerations for airline passengers before they depart home for the terminal.

Make a list, check it twice: Create an itinerary and chart your progress. How many days will you be away and what events or locations do you expect to visit? Do they call for certain attire? Personal grooming items you may  otherwise have forgot about and left behind in the bathroom should be added to your list now before you make a sudden realization on the runway.

Consider the climate: When will you need formal wear and how often? Casual clothes are going to become multi-purposed as you go about your travels; is there anything that can double as something you’d wear in a professional setting? While some travel experts say layering up will save space in your luggage, disembarking in a warmer climate could prohibit this. Comfort is key on a long airplane ride – don’t ruin your vacation before you ever leave home by failing to properly pack.

Know the rules: This goes for both airlines and the Transportation Security Administration. Each airline is going to charge different fees for excess baggage; know before you go. The TSA is also worthy of your consideration before heading into the security checkpoint. If you’ve got items on the no-fly list, you’re going to see them tossed into the garbage. Check the federal authority’s website for more information on what can be legally brought aboard an airplane.


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