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Monday, April 11, 2016

When's the Best Time to Book Your Summer Vacation?

TripAdvisor just released its "Best Time to Book Report", which details the best times to book hotels in the world's top destinations for summer travel. According to the report, travelers can save around 20% on hotels this summer when they book at the optimal time. 

Based on TripAdvisor data, the best times to book summer travel varies by region and city. Additionally, the hotel rates in most destinations change gradually over time, and the prices will stay relatively consistent. For example, TripAdvisor says booking a U.S. hotel within two months of your vacation will get you the least expensive price, but the hotel rate won't increase or decrease drastically over time. When booking during that designated two-month window, travelers can save around 7%, compared to the most expensive booking. For European hotels, the best time to book is between three to five months before the trip, when you can save 23%.

A common question travelers have is whether now is the right time to book or if they will save money by booking later. Thankfully, this report answers those questions and can help you get the cheapest hotel price for your destination. View the full report from TripAdvisor here.

To save even more on summer travel, choose Expresso Parking as your go-to source for parking at the Oakland Airport. With Expresso, there's no right or wrong time to book. No matter when you book your guaranteed reservation, you'll receive the cheapest rates on premium valet and self-parking services, plus many other great amenities.

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